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IT Governance and Service Management

Are you sure that your IT infrastructure is adding to the value of your business?

Do you manage your IT in such a way that it helps you deliver consistent and quality business services? Have you got your IT processes and spending under control?

Have you got a proactive approach to your IT services or do you wait for things to happen before you take action?

Onsite Computer Services Melbourne

IT Programme and Project Management

Do you manage your IT projects so that they provide value to your business?

Are your IT projects and budgets under control?

Do you have a project schedule that clearly shows you what is required to complete your IT project successfully?

Do you need help with setting up an IT Programme Management Office?

Are you not sure how to get your IT project started?

Computer Support Melbourne

IT Security

Do you have a secure IT environment?

Would your business survive if someone was accessing your important business information?

How would your business cope without access to email or the internet for an extended period of time?

How long could your business cope without IT services to support it?

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IT Cloud Services

Do you know what IT Cloud services are and how they could benefit your business?IT Cloud services allow your business to access IT services that traditionally may have been outside the scope and budget of your business to take advantage of. Instead of needing to build and maintain your own IT infrastructure IT Cloud Service providers offer the use of their infrastructure over the internet. Your business thus takes advantage of the service providers economies of scale to provide an enterprise level service to all sizes of business.

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Data Management

Is your business data organised and managed so that you can use it to add value to your business?

Do you have all the data you need to manage your business successfully?

Do you have access to the business data you need no matter where you need it?

Are you able to share your business data among your teams and business partners efficiently and effectively?

For how long could you be without your valuable business data without significant impact to your business?

Managed Services Melbourne

Server Management

Do you find that your business is being impacted by your servers being unavailable at the most inconvenient times?

Are you getting a good return on investment for your business from your investment in IT server technology?

Do you understand what servers you have, what they are for, and what value they are adding to your business?

How consistent and reliable are your processes for managing your servers and are they oriented towards providing the best possible value to your business?

Computer Upgrade Melbourne

Desktop and Printer Services

Do you know what IT infrastructure you own? How many PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, printers and other IT equipment do you have?

Do you waste a lot of time and money keeping licenses and applications up to date?

Is your business impacted by IT equipment being out of service?

Cloud Services Melbourne

Network Services

How do you know who is connecting to your network and when?

Does your network slow your business down or add value to the way you do business?

Would your business benefit most from a cabled network or a wireless network?

Would your business benefit from moving your telephone network onto your computer network so that there is only one network to maintain?

Remote Services Melbourne

Websites Services

Are you making the most of the internet for your business?

Are you losing business to your competitors because they have a better website than you?

Have you just started a new business and need to market it to the world?

Do you have the time to maintain your website or would your time be better spent maintaining your business?

Managed Services Melbourne

Sales, Upgrades, Repairs & Maintenance

Are you making IT purchases in line with what will benefit your business?

Are you waiting until your business is impacted by outdated or poorly maintained IT infrastructure before you are doing something about it?

Can you get IT help on site when you need it?

Computer Support Melbourne

System and Apps Development and Maintenance

Where required, do you have IT systems and applications that allow your business to have an advantage over your competitors?

Do you need help with finding the IT system or application that will provide the best value for your business?

Are you struggling to find experienced IT staff or contractors to help with your next IT project?

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Other Technology Services

Do you have the time to research what technology is out there that may help your business go to the next level?

Do you even know where to start looking?